Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

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Ok so I'm doing my first Top Ten Tuesday. This week is all about top ten words/topics that will make me pick up or buy a book.

1. Isolation- I love stories where people are cut off from the rest of the world. IE plan crash on an island, stuck in a cabin during a blizzard, bomb shelter, a boat in the middle of the ocean. Add some romance to that and I'm all over it like a dog slobbering over a pork chop.

2. Secret Worlds- Alice following the white rabbit down the tunnel to Wonderland, an owl arriving with an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, a huge cavernous underground city, Atlantis....well you get the idea. I just love that secret world hidden to but a few.

3. Time Travel- Yes yes yes please. I want to travel back and forth through time. As a Dr. Who fan I can't help but daydream of traveling through time (and space). But time travel romances ah there lies a guilty pleasure of mine. Add in a knight, a man in a kilt, or dust covered cowboy and you've got my undivided attention.

4. Genetic Alterations- I have a thing for people being altered genetically. Whether they get superpowers, turn into monsters, grow extra body parts, live forever etc...it is all beloved by me. Throw in a question of ethics on it all and I'm scooping up that book faster than you can blink.

5. Alpha Male- I admit it I have a thing for alpha males. I don't like the ones that are borderline abusive. I like the strong, protect his woman at all cost type. He gets jealous but would never hurt his lady, ever. Oh and no stalking, watching me sleep while I don't know it types. Julie Garwood's historical romances are a good example of what I like.

6. Magical Objects- Mirrors, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, suit of armor etc. Anything that carries magic with it and has the potential to change a person, environment once they don it/look into/ say special enchantment etc.

7. Belly Busting- Anything that has the potential to make me laugh out loud and then embarrass myself in public by doing so is right up there on my list. I love books that make you laugh so hard you have to cross your legs and squirm in a modified peepee dance sort of way.

8. Fairytales Retold- I love retelling of stories especially fairy tales. I love when people put their own personal spin that makes it unique but yet still retains that familiar essence of the story. When it is done right you have a Disney Beauty and the Beast when done wrong you have a Disney Pocahontas.

9. Kick-ass Heroine- put in a kick-ass female and I'm hooked. The type who could take down a whole army and yet is still a woman. She is smart, beautiful and deadly. Heaven help the man who makes her angry enough to seek revenge on him.

10. Love Triangle- Don't hate me but I love me a good love triangle. I'm not much of a fan of two girls fighting over one guy. But two guys or a guy and a girl fighting over a girl...yeah I'm there. I know so many people hate them. I still love them. I especially love when the author goes back later on in other books and gives the "loser" a love interest of their own.


  1. This is the first one I have seen with a love triangle! I don't usually love them, but when the author does it right for me, I love them! Alpha males is a pretty good one too ;D Awesome list!

    1. Oh I agree when they are done right they are just so yummy. Some are done so wrong though.

  2. Ah - I should have said kick-ass heroine, too! For fairy tales, have you read Splintered by A.G. Howard? It's a fab spin on Alice in Wonderland.

    Thanks for visiting.
    Stephanie (Go Flash Go) @ Read, Rinse, Repeat

    1. Stephanie, I plan on reading it in September for the Classics Retold event. I'm doing Alice in Wonderland and will be watching/reading retellings for it.

  3. Alpha males! What an awesome one! I'm definitely with you on that one! There's some really sexy about a guy who says, "You're mine, the end." I also love kick ass heroines, fairytale retellings, and isolation with romance! Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  4. OH MAN you have some GREAT ones on your list, I wish I had thought of them!
    Let's see... isolation, secret worlds, genetic alterations,belly busting, kick-ass heroines...oh man all of them! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)