PR/Giveaway Policy

I am a PR friendly blogger. Unless otherwise stated most reviews on Messy Mommy Reads are items that I have personally paid for.  Other than giveaways that I personally pay for out of pocket the sponsor is responsible for directly shipping to winner. I am not responsible for lost/damaged items. I will however contact the sponsor if there is a problem when item was shipped.

Product Reviews- For those companies that would like me to host a review/giveaway I can be contacted via email at . All reviews/giveaways must be family friendly. Non-family friendly products may still be reviewed at my discretion. I will not accept money for my reviews/giveaways. All product giveaways must ship directly from sponsor to the giveaway winner. Unless otherwise noted all giveaways will be USA only. Any sponsor that would like a review must either ship the product directly to me or provide coupons to cover the cost of the review. Here are some products I'm willing to review/giveaway- Toys/clothing (plus sized, boys, and teenage girl appropriate wear)/board games/food/drink/cleaning products/electronics/computer and video games/costume jewelry/weight loss products and services/kitchen goods/learning products and more.

MFC - Story Time
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Book Reviews- At this time I am only accept review request for children's books. I prefer that they are picture books but I will also accept review request for chapter books and middle grade. All picture books will be read with my 6 year old learning disabled son and the review I give will reflect how he did with the book. Because I love and respect authors so much I just cannot accept review requests for lengthy sized books ie ya/na, adult, non-fiction ect. I am a slow reader and have a pile so high of books that I really want to read that it has become too hard to read both books that I've bought for myself and to read those books that you wonderful authors have so generously given in exchange for my review. I will still seek out ARC/review copies but I will be doing that on my own. I always feel bad if I have to tell someone no I wont read your book so it is easier to just not accept any review requests. I hope you understand and please know that I may change my policy in the future.

ETSY- I am an Etsy friendly blogger. I do not charge for you to feature your shop on my site. I am always willing to do reviews/giveaways/shop features/shop owner interviews. Shop owner is responsible for shipping any products that are reviewed or set up for giveaways. Shops must be family friendly. At my discretion I may allow non-family friendly shops to be featured/reviewed/giveaways. Etsy features are mostly on a first come first serve basis however new/low sales shops will get priority over shops who have more than 100 sales. Most giveaways will be USA only unless shop owner is willing to ship elsewhere.  I am willing to do shop features for shops outside of the USA. Please contact me via email at

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