Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Review- Big Blue by Vanita Oeslchlager

Another ebook that I've recieved through Netgalley. This one left me with very mixed feelings. Big blue is the story of a blue bird who becomes lazy. He just sleeps and eats all day till he becomes so big that he cannot fly when the other birds fly south for the winter. He is left survive for himself over the winter.

First let me son my son enjoyed the book very much. He loved the drawings. They were really pretty. However I don't think he understood the subject manor beyond a it being a bird who got so big he couldn't fly.

My feelings are mixed. In a day and age where obesity is rising it is nice that there are books that want to deal with it. However this seemed heavy handed and offensive. I was an overweight child. It had nothing to do with being lazy. In fact I was constantly outdoors playing, running, and riding my bike. I do admit that even back then I had a food addiction. But I was constantly exercising. This book reinforces the idea that fat people are lazy and just sleep and eat. There are many other factors that play into weight. Among them are genetics, psychological conditions, home environment etc. So while this book might be good for skinny children like my son. It really does come down to fat shaming. I think that this subject could have been dealt with better and more tactfully. The book also seems to be one that could be a trigger book for anorexia. As Blue nearly starves in it. Or at least that is what is suggested. He works really hard to get his food and survive.

I have to give this one 2 out of 5 stars.

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