Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for BridgesPottery

So I'm still lining up my etsy shop features but I knew that I definitely wanted to get someone that works with ceramics/pottery. So I was delighted when Patricia Bridges agreed to let me interview her and feature her shop BridgesPottery. Please check out her Etsy shop and maybe buy an item or two that you fancy

Here are some my favorite items I found in her shop and the interview she so kindly agreed to do.

You have been working in ceramics for a long time now. What tips do you have for newbies to your craft?
I have been working in clay for over 3 decades. I am a professional potter - teaching and making. Many of my students are beginners or new to the craft. My best guidance I give to those who want to grow their knowledge and develop their craft in clay is to practice, practice, practice and ask LOTS of questions. There is a lot of technical skill that goes into making pots on the potter's wheel and great potters demonstrate that in their work.

With the abundance of you tube videos and other available online instruction - people need to keep in check with the fact that there is no substitute for face to face learning with a craft like ceramics. The days of people apprenticing to learn a craft are fewer. I learned through apprenticeships and feel strongly that if you want to learn a craft - learn it from a master - learn by doing and start with the smallest details of the craft.
What is your favorite item in your shop?

My favorite item in my shop right now are my colanders. They are practical yet beautiful in a fun and decorative way. Lots of work goes into them, as making the holes and the patterns is very labor intensive. More to be added in the coming days.
How long does it take you to craft your shop items?

Making pottery by hand is a long process. Each piece gets made on the wheel or by hand. It then takes days and sometimes weeks to air dry. Fired once in a hot kiln (takes 8hrs +12 to cool), then glazed (painted) and refired. My custom work generally is a 3-4 week delivery.
What are your future plans for your shop?
As my Etsy shop grows - I will develop other channels in parallel online and offline to sell my work. Selling online is just one place buyers can find my work. I sell in a few retail shops and in the summer at our local farmers market.

I produce a few instructional videos every year. They are a great way to connect with some of the ceramic community. Quick Clicks for Bridges Pottery .....



  1. Oh I want one of those colanders!

  2. thanks for sharing- love that bowl with the yarn in it. it's something my sister in law would love!