Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for CountryBee

Ok so I had some problems posting this yesterday so even though today is D here is my C day etsy feature. Better late then never!

Alice Stover owner of CountryBee etsy shop has been around etsy for a few years now. Full of candles and supplies there is sure to be something perfect for your home or a gift for a friend/love one.

How long have you been making candles?
I have been making candles and candle tarts 12 years.
What is your favorite scent to use?

There are so many scents that I love,it is hard to pick just one but butter brickle and funky monkey is among my most favorite fragrances.

What is your favorite item in your shop?
My favorite item in my shop would have to be my pastry candle tarts and the candle tarts that look like strawberries,I'll be adding mini apples and pumpkins soon .They smell so good and look as good as they smell.I love making them and sell a lot at the farmers market where I have a booth.


What are your future plans for your shop? 
.I would like to expand on my candle tarts but it is hard to sell candle tarts on the net cause people like to smell them in person which I can understand that.I do make candles and sell candles at the farmers market but I love to change the scent of my home often and candle tarts are the way to do that.I make my candle tarts as strong as possible and to last.

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