Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Ham

Today's food and recipe is purely one for my son. My 5 year old loves ham! He could eat it all day long.

I'm so not posting the nutrition facts on ham because lets face it...not the healthiest of foods. But part of a well balanced diet it is a good choice for a protein.

The following recipe is one I make often for my son. I omit the pickles from the sandwich for the rest of the family members and sometimes will add olives for both son and them.

Courtesy of goodiesfirst from flickr
Ham and Cheese Paninis

1/3 lb of thinly sliced deli ham (favorite flavor will do)
1/4 lb of either sliced american or sliced cheddar cheese
4-6 mini pretzel rolls (can substitute with other type of roll)
Bread and Butter Pickles
Pickled Peppers

Lightly butter surface of panini press (can also use forman grill). Place meat and cheese along with a couple of slices of the pickles/peppers. Place inside of press and close press down tight. Cook for 3-5 minutes till cheese is gooey and bun is slightly toasty. Serve with a few pickles on the side.


  1. I have ham-lovers in my house, too. I figure if I can combine it with healthier stuff like beans and veggies, it's not too bad :-)

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  2. We make green bean and ham soup at our house that one of my grand kids can eat for all three meals.

  3. My 10 month old loves meat--ham included. And bananas. And then anything else she can put in her mouth until Mommy pries it out.

  4. ohh we love ham in this house - that's a lovely recipe!
    Must try it. Thanks :)


  5. I have ham lovers too. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I can't think what to do with it other than the normal stuff.

    History Sleuth's Writings A to Z