Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Cucumber

Here it is day 3! My etsy post will be a little late as I stupidly forgot to ask my feature shop the interview questions so as soon as I hear back from her I'll have it up and ready to go. See this is why I need to get organized!

Today's featured food is cucumbers. While they are not the most vitamin packed fruit/veggie out there they do contain some vitamin A, C, K and folate. they have just about 10 calories in half a cup. So they are a great item to bulk up foods such as salads and sandwiches. And of course when you grow too many this year in your garden what's better than a fresh homemade pickle?

Cucumbers are not just for salads of pickling! If you go to any fancy shmancy spa you'll often be served a refreshing beverage of flavored water. The main flavor? Cucumbers!

Refreshing Flavored Spa Water

1 large cucumber sliced
1 bunch of mint
1 lemon sliced
Cold Water

 Fill pitcher with water, most of the cucumbers, a small handful of mint, and lemon slices. Place in fridge for at least 4 hours.  Garnish drinks with leftover cucumbers.

You can also mix it up and add different fruits for different flavors. Such as instead of lemon add pears, apples, limes etc. It is very important though that you give it time to develop flavor. The longer you let it sit the more flavorful it will be. Make sure to put both leftover cucumbers and the water in the fridge not only to keep it cold but to keep it from growing bacteria.


  1. Yummy. We love cucumbers at our house. And I 'try' to grow them each summer. Sounds like another recipe to add to my collection.

  2. Hi, there! I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge. I love cucumbers, and this recipe sounds fantastic! I'll have to try it this summer. Cheers!

  3. I love cucumbers! And you're right, they may not be the "healthiest" of the fruits and veggies, but they're far from being bad for you!

  4. 2 posts per day! I'm so impressed.
    Really enjoying your posts.

    have a great AtoZ :)