Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review: More Parts by Tedd Arnold

This is yet another book that used to be my stepdaughter's (can you tell we don't get rid of books). She was never a big fan of the book and if I recall it was because she was disturbed by the scene of the scene where his brain falls out.

This silly book has a little boy who becomes frightened when he takes certain figures of speech literally. Like when he told to hold his tongue he doesn't realize it means to keep quiet not literally hold his tongue.

The book is silly and cute. The funny thing is that my son's favorite part was my stepdaughter's most hated part. I guess that is the difference between boys and girls. Brains and gross body parts are cool to boys while they are cringe inducing to little girls. The illustrations are great and the examples of figures of speech are amusing. My son enjoyed this book more than I did.

I would have to give this 3 and half out of 4 stars. Bump up to 4 stars for goodreads.

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