Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Book Review: Just My Friend & Me by Mercer Mayer

Just My Friend & Me
The Little Critter books have always been popular in this house. When my stepdaughter was very little I remember my husband trolling ebay to win huge auctions of books. One of them contained about 10 of the Little Critter books. My son enjoys the Little Critter books and has even asked that we buy more (ebay here we come).

In Just my Friend & Me our Little Critter spends the day with his friend. While the two of them have fun it turns out to be just too much as the friend doesn't help with cleaning up, wrecks Critter's bike, does things better than Critter etc. Critter comes to realize that while playing with friends is great sometimes it's nice to just be alone.

My son loves this book. It is not his favorite of the Little Critter books but it is still one he enjoys. This is perfect for younger children or those with short attention spans. The pictures keep them engaged while the story is told with a dry wit that will keep parents entertained.

5 out of 5 stars

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