Friday, June 14, 2013

Fantasy Book Shelf Fridays

Fantasy Book Shelf Fridays are postings of bookshelves and soon to be published books I'm drooling over

Willow by Krystal McLean
Meadow Huntley has lived in the small, cold town of Willow, Alaska her entire life. At only seventeen years old, a series of tragedies has left her numb, hopeless.
Just when she believes she has lost all that she has, she gains everything she needs.
While at her family-owned café, she bumps into a mysterious maroon-eyed boy named Thomas Stone. His skin is like delicate white silk, his teeth like ivory tucked behind crimson rose petals, his chocolate-brown hair beautifully disheveled. He speaks with the slightest, almost undetectable, English accent. He is unlike any boy she's ever seen or known; an old soul.
He's beautiful . . . but somehow that word won’t suffice. He’s like a work of art, an intricate painting. Inhumanly captivating.
But after Thomas and his fraternal twin brother, Davy, arrive in Willow, strange things start to happen: people feel drained of energy when Thomas and Davy are near; demonic wolf-like creatures are spotted darting through the woods; people go missing, leaving no trace behind.
Meadow is about to stumble upon ancient horrors hidden deep within the Alaskan mountains that could not only threaten her and Thomas, but all of humanity.

About the Author: Krystal McLean is an autumn-loving Canadian who spends her free time obsessing over music, devouring fiction, decorating her igloo, snowboarding, and stringing words together. She also has a mild to moderate blogging addiction and loves spending time with her dog, Babycake.

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