Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blog Name Change
I have decided to change the name of this blog. I originally had intended this blog to be fairly general with some recipes, etsy features, reviews, and about me becoming organized. Since then I've found myself walking back down the road of book blogdom. I love books and love to read. I love talking with others about books. So I have decided to make the tiny switch to being a book blog. I will still do some of the other features I had originally intended on. The focus however will mainly be on books. Since this is still a tiny blog that really does not have many followers I don't think this will affect or upset anyone. I still have plans to grow this blog and foster it like I did with my old book blog. I love the book blogging community and look forward to forging new friendships and learning about new and upcoming books from my fellow bloggers. So without further ado Life and Time of a Messy
Mommy is dead and Messy Mommy Reads is live.

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