Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amazon-Beware of Double Billing- Part 2

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In Part One I told you all about how Amazon double charged me causing 2 $30 overdraft fees. For those that do not want to go back and read the short of it is that I had to contact Amazon multiple times before ultimately going through my bank to get the charge reversed. I was still out the $60 in overdraft fees.

Here I was very upset over the whole thing. I found myself logging onto Facebook and telling my friends and family what had happened. I did a little bit of research on the net and found so many others had the same exact thing happen to them. So I went directly to Amazons facebook page and after reading a number of comments of people unhappy at Amazon I decided to voice what happened to me. I received a copy and pasted response that I could fill out an inquiry form. I was very snarky and replied to their response that yes indeed I too can copy and paste like they do. I then received a non copy/paste reply that gave me some hope. So I went to the link and filled out only to receive 12 hours later the same copy/pasted reply about their bank confirming only one charge.

2 more times I commented on Facebook expressing my disgust over their company. It was then that Crystal R intervened. She attempted to call me but I don't answer withheld/unknown numbers. We communicated via email and I explained why I was so upset and angry with Amazon. I explained how now my 5 year old son and 14 year daughter were not going to be getting more than one gift each because we are going through hard times and being out that $60 is huge. Crystal then did the one thing that redeemed Amazon and had them credit me the $60 overdraft fees. The credit on my bank account says "goodwill credit". Either way I'm happy to say that I can continue to do business with Amazon because they finally stepped up and did the right thing.

Here are my personal thoughts from experience on what you should do if Amazon double bills you.

1. Immediately contact both your bank/credit card company and Amazon. Do not wait the 6-10 day period. Inform them of the double charge. Have BOTH look in to it. By contacting both you are covering all bases. Your bank/credit card company may ask when you informed both parties of the double charge and what sort of contact you had with Amazon over it.

2. Keep a record of all emails and names of those you have been in contact with both at Amazon and your bank/credit card company. Jot down simple notes of what was said in phone conversations.  Again your bank/credit card company may want to know how many times you contacted them/amazon and what ways you communicated.

3. If your bank confirms the double charge  and Amazon says you were not  double charged you can either
              A. File a dispute of charges with your bank
              B. Wait for a paper statement and fax it to Amazon (though most banks no longer give them and it takes a long time)
              C. Three way call with your bank and Amazon Customer Service

4. Keep copies of your order confirmation, shipping confirmation and packing slip when item arrives. You may need these to show to your bank/credit card.

5. Do voice your opinion on their Facebook page. Emails and phone conversations in my experience lead to nothing. They care though when other people can publicly see your complaints.

6. Don't give up. Be honest and forthright. If your bank credits you back the money but you have an overdraft fee talk to your bank and see if they will waive it. If your bank wont (mine would have but it would have required another visit and wait over 1-2 weeks) then let Amazon know. By letting them know how they were ruining Christmas for us they realized that it was better to pay for their mistake and make a happy customer.

7. No matter how big or small the double charge or subsequent fees are you have a right to be heard. Warn others of what has happened but do let them know if and how it is resolved. Try and keep your anger in check when dealing with customer service. Let them know you are angry but avoid calling names/cursing/being offensive. 

8. Contact them several times without spamming. Writing on their Facebook page once every day or two or calling/emailing them every day or two lets them know you are serious. Doing this more than that will just keep your anger amped up and they are more likely to ignore you.

I would love to hear from others that have been through this and what they did to resolve it.


  1. I'm actually searching posts regarding about amazon's fraudulent charges. Thanks for sharing those info.

    Check this out too:

  2. Just had the same problem with Amazon. Talked and, online chatted with 6 people. There was NO WAY to correct the problem with Amazon, they refused to see I was double billed. One order shipped in two shipments. Total order : 131.68, they emailed confirmation on billing at: 113.72 plus, 17.96 = 131.68. I was billed at 131. 68 plus, 17.96. Each person told me I was reading the bill wrong. It was beginning to look like fraud by the time I talked to the last one.

    Only remedy Amazon offered was that I or the bank fax over the info. The bank laughed at that saying it was a vulnerable form of communication and they'd be open to a lawsuit. They were surprised amazon would ask for that. So, amazon said - sorry can't help you unless you fax it over. I asked for their legal department info. Told them I would get an attorney if it came to that. It's not the amount, its that they take out money and offer NO solution.

    The transactions were through the checking account. amazon takes checks online. Went to the bank to file a paper on rescinding the charge. They said it was easier to get the charges off through the checking account as opposed to a debit card. As of today the charge is removed. I'll still shop there, will only ever use the checking account and watch the charges like a hawk.

    Thanks for posting your story.

  3. I have had this happen to me multiple times. This is best way I have found to fix their problem (which they still deny exists). Get a prepaid credit card (walmart bluebird AmEx is the cheapest) load it with the exact ammount for the order, now they can only take the order ammount. If you pay bills with the same credit card pay the bills first, before pumping gas and/or ordering from Amazon.

  4. Just posted this on my page
    Apparently Amazon has changed their policies recently and now preauthorize payment by withholding the full amount of your purchase for 7 - 10 business days while also charging you the full amount of your purchase. This results in a double charge for 7 - 10 business days. If your purchase total is high, this could wipe out your entire bank account for 7 - 10 business days.
    This is not a repost or a share, this happened to me, this week, and I've researched it and found out it's happening to a lot of people.
    Please feel free to share.

  5. I am sending bacj part of an order now due to amazon locking me out of my audible and videos and rather than pay twice the will rob me of already paid items. I have tried to prevent them by paying with gift cards and then amazon cards doesn't matter they billed my bank account and now they simply say I must pay twice the last couple of thousand I spent with them was on gift cards and amazon cards but they get their tentacles in and when I finally blocked them they froze my account.. and required double payment. That is not the only abuses I have seen from this vender. Buyer beware if you continue to buy from them. They are tricksters and crooks. There are plenty of other venders you wont have to document every transaction to buy and with a little effort you will find what you want on line the same or cheaper advertised price. I was a prime member almost 20 years but this is not the same company it used to be. Only people whp can afford to be fleeced can do business with them. Before I was widowed my husbands salary was such that I regret to say no one was watching all that carefully. So I don't know exactly how long this has been going on. The double billing is only one of many fraudulent things I have seen on this site. Fran Zimmerman

  6. Yes for fourth months, I finally had to call my CC company and refuse to allow Amazon from charging my account. When I spoke to one US agent/a very snarky man that the reason for it, I had two email accounts. They don't go by your name like every other company does, they go by your first name/billing address/but most importantly by your email. They had my Twitter code name, now how in the hell? I have asked for escalation department, now I am going to write the CEO. I will not buy from them until they have a better system. Definitely will not get Prime Time. They must target women.