Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review- Altered by Jennifer Rush

I decided to randomly pluck a book from my ever growing TBR pile of books. This one came up ans I randomly scrolled through my ereader. So I went with it.

Altered is the story of Anna who works with her father for the Branch. In a secret lab below their farmhouse they test monitor four genetically altered boys. The boys have no memory of their life before the lab. The boys eventually escape with Anna in tow. In an effort to find out who they are and regain their memories they do their best to allude the Branch's agents.The further they go the more they learn about how Anna is connected to the boys.

Ok so this started off as such a good book. Like the kind you can't put down. But then as I got closer and close to the end it became more and more predictable. I found myself getting angry with Anna and her obsession with on of the boys, Sam. Oh and that's the other thing is they keep calling them boys when really they are around 19 year old. They are men...young but still men. Not boys. Also at no point does Anna seem to question the wrongness of 4 people being held captive in her basement. Though without giving away spoilers I suppose there is an "out" to the reason why. The book started off as a great adventure book. The good news is that it did not end on a cliff hanger. So even though there is more books coming out your not left going crazy. So while I didn't all over enjoy the book I still enjoyed it enough that I will check out the next one when it is released. My overall rating would be 3 1/2 stars.

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